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see an icy mix. minor accumulations are possible around the baltimore area. highs today, 38 to 42. watch out for slippery conditions. >> we are looking at a nice commute. the north side, 54 miles per hour throughout the parkville region. everything running smoothly on 70 in towards the beltway. this is the beltway at york road. very light volume. this is the j.f.x. at ruxton road. 55 on 95 down to the 895 split. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> a man accused of killing his son will be back in court this morning. there'll be a hearing today. man said he dropped his son as he tried to put them in a playpen. the baby had fractured ribs and bruises and don't match up with that story. >> a christmas morning shooting leaves one man dead in glen bernie. kim dacey joins us live with details. >> police said it happened around 6:00 a.m. yesterday when an intruder broke into the business on baltimore annapolis boulevard. and man was found shot to death in front of a place in glen bernie. they said the man broke into the store not knowing somebody was inside. that was the store's ow
be the biggest strike in 35 years. it affects about 2000 workers here in baltimore. about $51 billion a year goes through baltimore. 108,000 jobs are linked to activity at the port. negotiations are not going well. unless there is an agreement, there will be a complete shutdown of all ports from maine to texas. it could be a partial strike that affects cargo in containers. it could avoid a stoppage in automobile shipments. >> if containers were made to be the focal point, we think that would be an advantage for us. we do have other cargoes. >> the port of baltimore will keep two public terminals open tomorrow to allow as many trucks as possible to pick up that cargo. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> today is purple friday. >> it is the last purple friday of the regular season. the ravens will play the bengals on sunday. the kickoff time will be sunday at 1:00 p.m. in cincinnati. keith mills will have much more on the game later this morning in sports. ravens playoff tickets go on sale later this morning starting at 10:00 a.m. the exact day and time of the game is still not decided. the ravens will
>>> this is wjz tv, wjz hd and baltimore. >> from the city, to the counties, to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >>> tragedy in newtown, a final good-bye said as the last of the young victims are laid to rest. one has roots right here in baltimore. i'm adam may. today marked the final day of funerals of the victims of the sandy hook elementary school. a young girl was laid to rest with a special connection with maryland. rochelle ritchie has more on the story. >> reporter: her name was josephine jay. he was 7 years old and loved the ravens. her funeral was this afternoon in newton and a vigil was held in her honor. her bright senile and innocence is being remembered here in baltimore and newtown, connecticut. where she was laid to rest this afternoon. >> may we have a moment of silence to remember these victims. >> reporter: she was one of 20 children fatally shot at sandy hook elementary school, a school shooting that rocked the nation. >> they're just babies, they shouldn't be
to the application on our website, >> baltimore city detectives are handling new shootings over the weekend. on stanwyck avenue at 1:30 yesterday, they found an adult male with a gunshot wound to the back. in northwest baltimore, the search continues for the person who shot a man following an argument on cordelia ave. this happened not long after 12:30 sunday morning. despite the fact the victim was shot in the head, he is expected to survive. >> police are called once again to a glen burnie bar that has been this scene of several shootings in recent years in glen burnie. a man was shot on the side parking lot of dietrich's tavern. that same tavern was the scene of two other murders. police said they have a description of the suspects but have made no arrests. a baltimore county teenager is recovering at home after being shot during a robbery. saturday evening. the 15-year-old victim told police he was robbed and shot by two suspects in dark clothing. his loans were not serious. in harford county, the suspect reportedly shot and wounded his sister. the 20-year-old was fighting w
the fissal cliff agreement.. go to foobaltimroe dot ccm slass morning. dozens of peeple in baltimore gathered over the weekend to prottst violence... targeted at gaas anddlesbians. comes after the brutal beating of a young man on ccristmas night in eaat baltimmre.kenny shaw was palkinn home from a corner stooe... when he was jummed ann attaaked by roughly six believes he was now... friends and supporters within the gay... lesbian... and transgendered ccmmunity shaw... and prayyng for rev. meredith moise:09:09:42 bbcause we believe that 09:15:54-00:16:02 "e're all human, we shouudn't be affaid to walk to the corner store... and fear for our lifee" life." whee kenny was attacked...there were witnesses... who did nothing to stop it. detectives tell us they have some leads... but so far no arrests have been made. several police departmeets arr askkng for your help this morning ... trying o cctch suspects behind four separate shootings this weekend. innvolves a man shot in the head at the intersection of reisteestown road and bryant avenue. we were oo the scene &pas hom
in a shooting inside a baltimore county hospital emergency room. 30-year-old brian dargon will face an attempted murder charge. dargoon was in police custody at the university of maryland st. joseph's medical center yesterday. a fight ensued after a nurse noticed he had a syringe during the struggle. an officer's gun discharged, hitting a wall. the officer's gun was grazed when the weapon went off. but she was not seriously hurt. >>> an aide for the maryland school for the deaf, is charged with sexually abusing students. vic is in the newsroom with the latest on this disturbing death. >> 36-year-old clarence taylor is arrested tonight after he is accused of molesting girls at school between 2009 and 2010. one of the girls now 15 and 16, is no longer at the school. the maryland school for the deaf has not yet commented. >> anyone with information who may have been a victim is asked to call howard county police. that number at the bottom of your screen. 410-313-3200. >>> a 62-year-old man dies in a baltimore county house fire. sky eye chopper 13 is
-3 3 & 3 ,3 a major strike at 15 major east coast pprts.. including the port of baltimore could bbgin this weeeend... and pould affect billioos of dollarr of cargo along the east coast. coast.the contract between the association and the u-s en - maritime aaliance... which represents shippinn companies to expireeone minute past set mooey.manageeent wants to reeuce "connainnr rooalties." if a ddal isn'ttreachhe... a strike ould stop ll container traffic at the port. (7:08) the port of baatimore pi one of maryland's largest eceonice gerneeators so any type of work action thaa may result in a suspension orrstoppage of work wouud have an adverse effe. organizations have urged president obama to order an 80 day cooling oof eriod but right now there is no that directionnlosing the ports to a shutdown.. even for a few days.. could cost the 3conomy billions f dollars..- a high-stakes meeting wwll be held in washington today.... between preeident obama and top congressional leaders. leaders.they've got just 4 days left to reach an eeonomy goes overrthe e u-- so-called "fiscal cliff." that
it happened around 6:00 a.m. yesterday when an intruder broke into a business on baltimore annapolis boulevard. police say a man was found shot to death in glen bernie. they said the man broke into the store not knowing somebody was inside. that was the store's owner, jim butler. police say butler, they got into an altercation inside the business and philip was eventually shot. philip eventually collapsed in the parking lot. the owner had been having difficulties with people breaking into the store, and this time he happened to be there when it happened. philip had a vast criminal record including theft and various drug offenses. police say so far no charges have been filed in this case. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> police are investigating two separate christmas day shootings. one happened on druid park lake drive in west baltimore. an adult male was found suffering a gunshot wound to his leg. there was a shooting in west baltimore. investigators found a male with a gunshot wound to his upper body. no word this morning on his condition or a suspect. a double shooting in east baltimore. one
of fog around the bay heading east. baltimore city is clearing out thanks to the rain. that's been helping to push fog out but rain is still an issue right now. rain showers anywhere from north baltimore all the way east along 95. even where the radar doesn't look like rain, there is light drizzle reported so a dreary start to sunday. scattered showers possible throughout the day but especially through the morning hours. temperatures will hold instead, 48 to 52 for the temperature range today and still watch out for areas of fog to the east. details on the seven-day forecast when we return. >> it's our big story this morning, another tragic nfl death and this time it involved a car accident that police say involved alcohol. >> this morning, police have charged dallas cowboys defensive lineman josh brent with aftercation manslaughter he slipped his car in an accident that killed his teammate, jerry brown. >> a dallas cowboy in jail after an early-morning crash that killed his teammate. >> it appears as if he was traveling at a high rate of speed at which time the vehicle touched or
caldwell. baltimore county police are investigating a deadly early morning house fire in baldwin. one of our viewers sent this video from the 6600 block of sweet air road. it took firefighters more than two hours to get the flames under control. water had to be shuttled because there are no hydrants in the area. 62-year-old william spencer was pronounced dead at the scene. new and noon, baltimore county police are investigating a deadly accident in thousand on east joppa road at prince road just before 8:00 this morning. the driver struck a utility poll and was pronounced dead on the scene. a police officer is recovering from a gunshot wound after a prisoner tried to escape from his custody inside a baltimore county emergency room st. joe's medical center in thousand. the 30-year-old was under police escort. at some point, hospital staff noticed he had a needle in his possession. when he tried to grab a hospital worker, the officer stepped in. during a struggle, the gun fired a bullet into a wall. >> either by the weapon or pepper spray, the officer did attempt to subdue the prisoner.
coast could go on strike in just a few days. kim dacey joins us live from self baltimore with more on what it could mean for our area. >> ledgewood -- could be the biggest port strike along the eastern seaboard in 35 years. it would affect about 2000 workers in baltimore alone. about $55 billion of cargo a year goes in and the port and according to the port administration, 108,000 jobs linked to activities at the port. if negotiations between the maritime alliance and international longshoremen are not going well. unless an agreement is reached by midnight sunday, there would be a complete shutdown of all ports, from maine to texas. a report spokesperson said there is a possibility the strike would only be partial and would only affect cargo in containers because warranties for workers of that type of cargo is the big sticking point. that could avoid a stoppage of automobile shipments and cruise ship operations. >> if containers remained to be the focal point, we think it could be a bit of an advantage for us because we do have other cargo. >> the port of baltimore announced they a
-- the school is working to get nearby business involved. >>> a showdown between baltimore and d.c., but there's no question we've got them on this. >> the travel channel is doing a special episode trying to discover which hill is better, federal hill or capitol hill. mike mass cohas more. i know we're winning, right. >> what are you talking about. the restaurants, the bars, nowhere in comparison. we're at the cross market street. this is where we have to be wall to wall lineup. we're here to prove how we're so much better than d.c. we've been talking about seafood for an hour. tell meet difference between dc seafood and baltimore. >> d.c. does it their own way. >> you're talking different spices. >> different spice, different ingredients, different products. >> reporter: so let's call it authentic seafood. >> wannabe seafood, wannabe. >> reporter: i like. that the travel channel will come down here, do their walk around and talk. we're down here tonight. we'll talk more about this and give you some statistics. i did a little googling. back to you. >> sounds yummy. >> you like oysters, right?
baltimore the arm.accordinn to ourt nd documents... shanda cure... admitted that she and another pan helped asia cutler... drag her boyfriend's body to that first shot her boyfriend in a bedroom. "i don't have mercy for these people that take guns and ill people, ause they ccn move oo thse babies, ussless crime, senseless crime" crime"cutler is charged with both first and seconn degree murder. the baltimore police departmenn is changing up some lladership command posts.this annhony battssbegins to impleme thoss chaages include... the policing division and a new enforcement group focusing on gangs and guns.the department 3&baltimore could see the effects of an expected as this weekend.the contract n between the nternationaa longshorrmen association and the u-s mmaitiieealliance s pet to xpire suuday.the key sticking point is over large that longshoremen get for s - them. shipping companiee pay rryalties to theelongshoremen for the containers... but they wwnt to freeze the payments for current longghoremen and eliminateethem for future hhres. the port of baltimore is one of maryland's l
generally above freezing around baltimore. we will see rain showers off and on tonight. temperatures will drop off from the northwest to the southeast. when you wake up tomorrow, could be a few spots that have a little bit of ice and maybe a few snow hours -- snow showers. when gusts could get up to 40 mph. another storm is on the way. we will show you that in a few minutes. this big storm caused a bunch of flight delays. we will send it over to georgia let us at bwi -- over to georgia at bwi. >> the weather has made traveling difficult in and out of baltimore delays. delays and cancellations continue at this hour. for those lucky enough to get on a plan today, they tell me it was a scary right. >> it was one of those days to travel but mother nature had other ideas. >> we decided to spend christmas in las vegas. today the odds were not with us. >> this family's flight from las vegas to baltimore made it but their final leg to connecticut was like the more the victim hundred flights nationwide on wednesday -- canceled because of a massive winter storm. >> we are happy to be on the gr
could double in just a few weeks. we are live in north baltimore to explain why. >> most people have heard about the fiscal cliff. for a lot of people, the so- called dairy cliff is new. the price of a gallon of milk could go up to about $8 a gallon. shoppers are taking a detail around the dairy aisle. prices could double if congress does not pass the farm bill by the end of the year. >> the old subsidy was based on the 1949 production process of milk production. >> according to a university expert, if lawmakers do not come to an agreement, washington will be forced to pay farmers based on very dated calculations. >> it would translate to about $8 per gallon some time after january 1. >> as lawmakers aha new york russell with the fiscal of, some shoppers are already suffering on milk. >> we have a son, and he likes it. i am not going to continue buying it. >> customers who could start gravitating toward moment milk could pose -- toward almond and soy milk could cause problems for the dairy industry. >> people might find subsidies to milk. >> it affects other items, like cheese and ic
differential. 40s on the shore. 30 in baltimore. those are the areas we have the highest concern forks icy spots. mostly rain the rest of the night except well north and west of the city. we'll talk about thisproaching . >>> when the roads are covered with the wintry mix like this, that's when the state highway crews hit the highway. they have been watching the storm, treating the roads with salt. they have to move to other chemicals to get results. . >> the forecast will go down to 34, which is above freezing but it's close to the freezing mark. we purge people to be careful. >> state highway officials also stress that drivers should be prepared with essentials. never head out in bad weather without a flashlight and the good news is temperatures are not expected to drop low enough to cause major problems. the bad news it's rainy windy mess. joce sterman has more. >> reporter: that white christmas looks so beautiful. this, not so much. this is really ugly. as you're heading out to go back home, it will make for some messy travel. we were out on the roads earlier, and things were clear on t
. this is south of 195. you won't have issues getting down to dc or traveling up towards baltimore city. as far as 83 is concerned, here's what it looks like just north of 695, nice and clear here as well. you're looking at an 11 minute ride southbound from the beltway all the way down to fayette street and as we look at the other abc2 timesaver traffic drive times no delays on 695 on the east side it's going to take you 11 minutes on the outer loop from 95 up to 83. the inner loop will be clear down to 95 as well and no problems to report over on the west side you are looking at an 11 minute ride as well on the outer loop from 795 down to 95. megan and charley over to you. >>> 5:31. look at other top stories this morning. a man 65 years old or possibly older pass aid way from hypothermia according to the department of mental health and hygiene. >> this is the first hypothermia death to be confirmed this winter. 15 hypothermia related deaths occurred in maryland during 2011 and 2012. >> there are ways to stay warm in the extremely cold weather. things to keep in mind. officials remind you they
caused many on the gun advocates tried to stock up. a typical monday at a discount store in baltimore county sees at roughly $2,000 in sales. this monday, they sold $17,000. >> astronomical. pretty much nonstop -- i ate lunch at 4:30. >> abil purchased a few shotguns for protection, but also because of the renewed begun debate following the shooting death of 20 kids and six adults in connecticut last week. >> i heard the conversation -- i guess before we have no more rights, i should at least protect myself. >> since the shooting, elected leaders and police officers across maryland are trying to shift the political wind toward gun control legislation, whether it is tackling the culture of assault weapons or increasing mental health benefits. >> this is a watershed moment in our country. >> governor o'malley says he supports looking into the issue for the next legislative session. >> it is still very much a work in progress. but it is work that i would guess every state in the union has been undertaken. >> dick's sporting goods said they are suspending all sales of "modern sporting rif
the 14,000 longshoremen at 50 ports across the country, including here in baltimore. a strike with the crippled operations at ports. it's reported major steps have been taken towards resolving this ongoing dispute. an abrupt end to the career of one long term maryland civil- rights leader. carl snowden will retire january 8. the office of the announcement earlier today. the decision comes amid legal problems. he was convicted last month of marijuana possession and has a court date for violating his probation in a drunk driving case. tonight was a reversal of fortune for morgan state university's president. the board of regents voted to renew his contract, weeks after voting not to. >> president wilson was diplomatic when i inquired about what led up to this controversy and why it suddenly ended in his favor, instead of pointing the finger at his critics, he took the high road. surely after the vote, dr. david wilson told us he is honored more as the university's board of regents minya their confidence in him and by extending his contract to june 2014. the decision comes a few
of the baltimore ravens. "gq" magazine named the linebacker an honorary gay of the year. back in august, he donated a pair of tickets to same sex marriage fundraiser. he was harshly criticized for doing so. minnesota vikings punter chris clue also awarded with the honor. he's been very outspoken in his support of equal rights for same sex couples. >>> seven weeks after suffering a torn tricep back on the practice field. lewis won't take the field sunday against rg3 and the redskins. we won't expect to see him play though until december 16th. that's when peyton manning and the broncos comes calling. terrell suggs is going to be a game-time decision. >>> police are trying to figure out exactly how a police officer's service weapon was fired inside an emergency room at st. joe's in towson. investigators say a baltimore county police officer was guarding a prisoner in the emergency room yesterday afternoon. a member of the hospital staff noticed the prisoner had a needle hidden in his clothing. well, there was a struggle and the prisoner tried to grab the hospital employee. when the officer tried to he
..callld..."voice of baltimore" ays he's surprisee...that bail...for macarthur...has been denied. (foreman) "in my experience with him, he's a teddy bear, he's never been violentt" &pbefore his bail hearing...macarthur...ttll ffx 45...that the gun inn question...was planted.police say he was not allowed to posess aay weappns... after hh was convicted of carrying a concealed weapon... ten years ago. (rydell) "during his bail review heering, macarthur told the judge he believes detecttves uued information from his tweets as evidence to obtain a search warrant forr baatimore."(carter) "i think - that he had reason to believe that he mayynot be treated fairly or he may not bb safe in the hands of police." macarthur...was a frequenn caller to a radio former police commissionered norris. but norris...says this blogger...crossed the line... when he allegeddy... threatened police. (norris) "it's sslf defeating, you're documenting it eleetronically, it's a bad idea all the way negotiating with policc, they have the final ssy and you pnow that already." charges...that will likely...keep bars...unti
is facing. >>> a day will be remembered. how baltimore will commemorate the anniversary of japan's attack on pearl harbor, friday, december 7th. >> and thank you for joining us. and happy friday. before you head out the door you need to know whether you need a light or heavy coat. here is lynette charles. >> a heavy one and rain gear. we'll start you out with rain on the powerful radar. it is coming down mainly to the south of baltimore. so if you are going in that direction do not forget to take it easy on the roads. we can see it around lexington park and lighter showers across the area. and colonial beach getting in on the wet weather. we have some showers, hagerstown, this is pushing to the west. to the east rather. when you look at the pink here this is a mixed precipitation that is picking up. don't be surprised if you are seeing a bit of sleet and what we will get the temperature at 34 degrees in perry hall. we're at 32 in pilesville and a bit above in millersville as we head throughout the day. this is what you can expect coming in right around 49. let's get a check now of the tr
someone who entered the store on baltimore and annapolis boulevard. the alleged intruder ran out of the store, collapsed and died at the scene. state police say a police officer was forced to shoot and kill a man wielding a hammer. it to happen during a confrontation with three officers. we have the latest in westminster. >> authority city officer who is a ford have year veteran -- four and a half year veteran shot the suspect. a phone call from one of the man's parents eventually lead to an unfortunate and deadly confrontation with the officers. officers responded tuesday night after edward becker, jr.'s parent called 911. his father reported his son was drinking and acting out of control. >> he used a hammer to break the windshield of his father's truck. >> becker did not settle down. when theysponded witand got to the scene they approached the subject. he had a hammer in his hand. officers exited their vehicles and shouted several times for him to drop the hammer and surrender. police say he refused and continued to approach the officers. >> once he got to within arm's length
of a apartment fire in baltimore county. firefighters say two children escaped after they noticed flames at the rear of the home. no injuries were reported. >>> a major apartment fire on the eastern shore forces people to jump from their windows to save their lives. this morning kai jackson explains what happened. >> smoke and fire filled a 3 story apartment building late last night in cambridge, dorchester county. as firefighters battle the flames residents were forced to jump from the windows. >> in 35 years i've never seen people jump out of building. >> robert phillips describes the terrifying moments. >> i had 5 or 6 people laid out in the alley way. these people jumped from 2nd and 3rd floor windows. you strike that concrete that was the end of it. they couldn't move. >> tyrone roy saw the fire and one man's quick actions to help people stranded up stairs. >> all we could see was this thick black smoke coming from the roof. this guy pulled up in a red van and he was letting people climb out of the window and onto his van to escape. >> 21 residents suffered injuries as they tried to
all evening. gunfire inside a baltimore county hospital. wjz is live at the university of maryland, st. joseph's medical center. meghan mccorkell explains what happened. meghan? >> baltimore county investigators remain out here on this scene. you can see a live look at the scene from sky eye chopper 13. right now, as police try and determine how an officer's weapon discharged during a struggle with a prisoner. >> reporter: it was just after 2:30 this afternoon. a female police officer was in the emergency room, guarding a prisoner, when hospital staff noticed something wasn't right. >> at some point, one of the hospital staff people discovered that the prisoner had a needle of some sort. hidden in his clothing. >> reporter: a hospital staff person tried to take the need a- - needle away, but the prisoner struggle. -- struggled. that's when the officer intervened. in the struggle, the officer's gun fired, discharging bothe -- into the wall. >> the officer discharged pepper spray in an attempt to subdue the prisoner. that attempt was
hospital in northwest baltimore...with more on the flu situation áweá face... karen karen we typically don't see cases until january......but seeing cases in october...indicating we could be in store for a rough fll season.... 3 3 //(59:13)itssactually starting to be global....the flu ssrikes again.......but this time....its early....(58:55)aa travel....a lot of it has to dowith what strain is out in maryland.....flu season uuually starts after the start of the new year..... but sinai hospital .... says it has already seen patients...aad peter andrews.....a physician assistant says.......thanksgiving didn't help....(57:57)you have the large influx of peoppe getting toggther their all sick but pass it around your numbers ey - increese...accooding to maryland's department of nine people have been symppoms.....(:24)come to the hospital when you have a fever thats more than 100.4 thht you anything down you are throwing up you have having diarrhea you're really weak you just can't get out of bed.....the center's for disease control reports between 20111and sept of this year.....
's power outage numbers. 1800 people are in the dark right no. not too bad. most in hartford and baltimore counties. as we brace for high wind, the highway administration is warning people to stay off the road until morning because they would freeze overnight. but driving here shh nothing compared to the midwest. record snow on the ground tonight in the midwest. these pictures are from indiana. airports being caused problems. the same storm system is showing tornadoes in the south. it is those storms impacting us. lots of problems here at the baltimore washington thurgood international airport. cleveland, denver. canceled, delayed. we have the latest traffic delays and travel delays. log onto >>> well, they each loaned hiss company thousands of dollars, but now former friends of a baltimore sales man are fighting him in co . they say they fronted huge amounts of money for hal katz's business. some of them are regular joes that loaned their friend all the money they saved. >> you know him from tv. the pitch man who plays loud music points to the screen and says he can
>>> this is wjz tv, wjz hd, and, baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> team tragedy, a cowboys player killed in a car crash. now his teammate booked on serious charges. reactions from the storied franchise. >> good evening everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. it's another tragedy for the nfl. one player is dead and another facing manslaughter charges. a fatal drunk driving accident. >> skid marks line the texas roadway where police say dallas cowboy josh brent lost control of his car killing a teammate. >> it appears as if he was traveling at a high rate of speed at which time his vehicle touched or impacted the outside curb of the service road causing his vehicle to flip at least one time. >> police say brent was driving drunk when he crashed his 2007 mercedes saturday morning. the lineman is charged with intoxication manslaughter for the death of 25-year-old jerry brown, a member of the team's practice squad. brown was unrespon
was shot in he back in northeast baltimore. it happened on fenwick road aroundd3:30 this affernoon. as the shooter fled thee scene.... e actually llmmed his car into aa off duty copp car. northeast district police are till searching or the shooterrand his getawaa car tonight. &p3 and we're getting late word tonight about aadeadly shootiig in glen burnii. anne arundel county police say a dietrich's tavern this evening. shooting at that bar in the past thhre years. they're sttil looking for the suupect tonight. dozens of people in baatimore gathered tonight to protest and lesbians.they are rallying aaound a young man who was men on christmas night.oup of - night.melinna roeder is live tonight with more on the case -- aad how some areehoping it will lead to an end to hate crimes.meeinda? this case - as they would - any violent assault. detectives say they have some leads... after all, there were peverallwitnesses....but so meantime... friends and e - supporters within the gay - lesbian - aad transgeedered community are rallying arouud justice. "we are out here toody bec
duty baltimore county police officer is shot in overlea.investigators are calling the officer... the shooting.tom rodgers is here with more on the search for the gunman... he also has your other top storiessof the morning. good morning guys, we're told the officer is doing kay and released frrm the hhspptal. we now he's a patrol police are nnt rellasiig his na. name.the main focus this suspect who shot hii. investigators say it happened just afterr3 o'clcok sunday morninn.the ff-duuy officee of dale anddkenwwod avenues large group of eople.police say he stopped his car and aaked them to move so e could paas... ann that's when a man opened fire... hitting thh off-duty officer twice ....and sttnning this usuaaly quiet neighhorhood. (ááánats up full: "is the officee ok?" "the officer is fine.." "thank godd"ááá)(ms. ferguson/resident) it's aabit prighhening cause i've been in gunpoint. so, it's frightening to know that even it happens wwth officerss." they believe that invvstigators say that the incidenn was y believe random... and that thh officer was not target
. baltimore, nice and clear now. we have an accident right in lutherville on york road. but you are taking a look at 83 now. north of the beltway. and everything is moving along. no delays heading into the city. here is what 695 looks like in parkville. a normal conditions, 11 minutes now to travel to the outer loop from 95 up to 83. as we look at the other drive times. a 12 minute ride on the outer loop from 795 down to 95. and there are no problems to report through the fort mchenry tunnel from the beltway all the way to the toll plaza. over to you. >>> investors will be watching as the government releases the final jobs report for 2012. they are expecting the numbers to be weak due to sandy. and we have more live from washington with the details. and what are the experts seeing that are the signs. >> you know, charley, if the report is weak, it is mother nature that will be partly the blame. you remember sandy that hit that happened at the end of october. and (technical difficulties with audio) >> it looks like we're having a technical problem with the live shot there. we apologize. w
in baltimore county. 62-year-old william spencer was killed when these flames took over his home. this is eyewitness video from one of our viewers. about 80 fire personnel was called to the scene. we're told the fire escalated to two-alarm. two firefighters are being treated for minor injuries. in the meantime, a fire in done lock. earn northwest lowell senior died of carbon monoxide poising. they pulled him from the building but we're told he died at a hospital. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> a first for same-sex marriage couples day. many of them lined up to fill out marriage applications. the licenses won't be valid until january 1 when the state law goes into effect. we're live with what a lot of people consider an historic day. >> enthusiasm filled clerk's office but not people. same-sex couples lined up overnight waiting for the clerk's office to open so they could fill out an marriage application. same-sex couples trickled at other courthouses. ken was the first in line. >> this is my marriage license and my fiance and i are here and it's official, which
for snow lovers is that it is starting to fill in. that wet weather is on its way for the greater baltimore area. certain areas of pennsylvania -- all of pennsylvania, i should say, it is pretty much snowing there, and portions of western maryland and even parts of carroll county, which is where we find kim basey right now. i know we were talking on the phone earlier. looks like there's a little bit of something on the ground there, but not much yet, huh? >> yeah. from time to time, we're seeing -- i was talking on the phone again. it's like snow pellets, frozen precip. it was bouncing off our live truck. it wasn't snow flakes, what you typically think of snow. from time to time we've seen them. we have a few stray flakes falling now. roads are just fine. this is 140 here behind me. things are moving fine. you can see where they've pretreated it. the salt is there. if it does start to come down, luckily they've already pretreated things. there's snow on the grass here. i just call it a dusting. there are obviously still spots where there is no snow on the grass. you can still see the grass
... outtof west baltimore.../. two mmn... havv been shot....on... woodbrook street...//. one man... waa shot in the back-side... / the other... in the chess...///. both... were taaen to shock trauma. seeere beating offa man on the in east baltimore... and is now being investigated as a possible hate crime. crime.this is wwat kenny shaw looks like.his ace baddy and his family beliive he was targeted because he's gay. 13:10:55 this was outragous what type f person would do phis on christmas you know when people are supposed o be celebrattng people are outt :09 shaw says her son waa 9- walking hhme from a corner store when a group of... 5 oo 6 men... attacked him. police say they do havee several leaad. a ballimore county man... missing since how he disappeaaed remains a mystery. pearson left his home to mmet someone regarding aa connracting job. for four days no one knew where he was. then found inside a home on wws -3 mcculloh street near mcmechen street. ddctors say pearson might have trauma to condition.serious buu stable 3 a... hearing blogger.../ w
shooting, the latest on the investigation. >> and what are baltimore area schools doik to keep your children safe. >> and the shooting is bringing up a lot of questions about mental healthcare. sgl familiesare grieving nont newtown, connecticut, people were streaming into two funeral homes to say good bye. >> that's right, two victims were laid to rest. six year old noah ponser and jack pinto. theshooters home and the school are still active crime scenes. workers are prepping a site about six miles away o so students can go back to school. >> mrisz did seize evidence from his home. >> today, good-byes were longer, hugs were tighter. >> we're putting our children's safety in somebody else's handses and the shooting means local districts are stepping it up. in baltimore, police were stationed outside of schools and they'll be there until further notice. and many other districts are looking at potential vulnerabilities in their buildings. >> we want all principals and building supervisors to walk through every building. at thatpoint, we will have a list compiled for me of things
ttday by &&pincreaaing security and 3 p3 baltimore couutys crisis plan was updated earlier thhs year after theeshootinggat perry hall high school. still &pofficiill are reassessinn &ptheir building for safety. todaa they had extra secuuity on handdand they madd sure coonseloos were availabll. 3 " we knew that kids were going &pto have questions....outcue: tt answwr those questions pqestions 3 officials did not see any decline in attenddnce, thoogh morr parenns drove their ids &pto school today. -3 3 first on fox a stabbing inside a school in balitmore city. city. . t hhppeneddat - pree iddle school on centrall avenue. chhol officials say a women did not follow ppopee protoooo after enteeing thh & school. the admmnnstrator sufferrd ccts to his hand ndd was senn to tte hospital..the woman was arrested. 3&p "tte kids need more's craayy! p,33 the school was in emergency lockdown duriig the incident. no students weee injured.. sourres ell us the 21 year -3 old oman aa ttempting to -3 deliver a urprise birthday 3 pe
being beaten in west baltimore and the person responsible is still at large. they found 57-year-old stephen pearson on conscious inside a home last week. family members say he had gone to give an estimate on some contract work when he went missing. he remains in serious but stable condition. anyone with information is asked to call city police. a possible hate crime in baltimore city, the claims from a member of the beat and on christmas day. barry simms spoke to the victim and his mother today and joins us live from city police headquarters downtown. >> the victim told us that he was not robbed the, but he felt that he was targeted. baltimore city police are investigating. they believe this was under assault and they think they're very close to finding the attackers. >> i was holding my hands up to block my face. >> but it did not work. this is a picture of 30-year-old kenni shaw. >> i was on the ground. i could not get up. i could not see because my eyes were swollen shut. >> the brutal beating happened christmas eve. he had just left the only store open in his neighborhood du
we areefollowing breeking news out of baltimore county this morning... an elderly an iss dead and two fire fighters injured... aftee a late night this hour... investigators are still on the scene trying to figure out what happened. happened.megan gilliland is streaaing now in baldwin with a look at the daaaaeeleft behind. good morning guys, 33 3 33 &p3- two officers are two officers are hurt in separate crashes in anne arrndel ccunty.officials ssy anne arundel county police officer richard stand was driving in severna park tuesdayyand sserved to avoid an animal....flipping his cruiserrhe went to shock ttauma with non life threatening injuries.a sscond officer was hurt in a crash mondaa night... whiie passdena.he's expected to be o-k. &pgunfire rings out at st. joseph medical enter. baatimore county police say hospital workers were trrating a prisoner... when they found a needle hidden in his cloohes. the prisoner allegedly grabbed a worker....before geeting into a struggle with an offiier who was supposed to be guarding him..hat's when the officers eventually ame to
epidemic. >> the baltimore county police chief who also chairs the national law enforcement partnership to prevent gun violence highlights what many are feeling around the state after the shootings in newtown, conn., and now the same elected officials are calling for new gun control laws. >> we must take immediate action to pursue reasonable gun safety legislation, not only in our state, but in our nation. >> over in howard county, they have formed a task force to look of school safety and mental health. also the current gun laws. >> hopefully, we can agree that there ought to be basic steps that can be taken to ensure that people are responsible in owning a weapon and take a look at what kind of weapons are appropriate to be on the street. >> senator barbara mikulski has called for it two-step approach, taking a look at the culture of violence and offering more mental health benefits. >> i think this is a watershed moment in our country. we need each other, whether it is to support gun-control, or the nra, who should promote good ideas, and we can protect the constitution. but we have
on the crowd. ttree years ago the baltimore city council passed an ordinance requiring prenancy clinics thattdo not provide abortions to put up signs declaring that a federal appeals court in virginia will decide whether &por not that oodinanceeis cons. constitutional. a divided three-judge panel uphell a lower court's decision striking down the ordinance in june.but he full appeals ccurt wwll review thhse the ccse was brrught by the -- greattr baltiiore center forr pregnancy.. claimiig the ordinaace violates their free-speech rights. testing your breath ... could help etect whether or not a according to a new study... phose who have the isease teed to have a distinct pattern of chemicals in their breath. and when researchers analyzed the breeth samples... thhy correctly identified colon cancer patients á76-percentá of the time. the test is in its vvry early stages... and won'' be availableein your 3a new study findd thh sperm count ammng men in france... is falling drastically..rom 1989 to 2005... it's decreased by about one-third.researccers say the findings are
chilling temps saturday kept bar hoppers along the trendy northwest baltimore hot spot in camden shivering and wearing layers upon layers of clothing. >> i'm wearing four layers of clothing, hat, gloves. >> i have my hat. i'm wearing three layers. >> while many were trying their best to get through the cold and windy day, bge crews were out anticipating and restoring power outages. by bulking up on crews and getting ahead of the high winds, power outages were kept at a minimum. >> it's nice that we have our guys out there and ready. that's helping us get all our customers back on as quickly as we can. gl the weather may have made the day a bit uncomfortable for some, but many agree, cold temperatures, the holiday season, well, they tend to go hand in hand. >> to me it's not christmas, it's not winter without the cold. >> bge adds you should never assume they know there is a power outages. so if you lose your power, give them a call at 877-778-2222. wbal tv 11 news. >>> new york is seeing its first major snowstorm of the year. they're digging out in syracuse where plows are out in full forc
. >> moments later, police say belcher took his own life. >> back here in baltimore, city police are investigating a murder in north baltimore. officers say shortly before 3 p.m. saturday, they found a man shot in the 800 block of brooks lane near druid park. police continue their investigation into the murder of a man found shot in west baltimore friday night. officers were called to the 2300 block of westwood avenue near ruxton around 10:00 where they found a 22-year-old man with a gunshot wound. the victim was rushed to shock trauma where he died a half an hour later. >> to washington now and the fiscal cliff budget talks. if lawmakers fail to produce a deal, more than two million people will lose unemployment benefits four days after christmas. concern over budget talks is changing the way some are shopping this holiday season. nadia ramdass has more. >> alexandria, what do you want for christmas? >> furby and barbie. >> furby, barbie, and electronics are a taste of some of the must-have items this holiday shopping season and this ellicott city target store was bustling satur
baltimore, carol and even frederick. a some places can seat up to four in a suit -- inches of snow. the transition to rain will stop the snow from falling. but until that, watch out for ice. across the metro, the white shading represents snow and pink is ice and yellow and orange are heavier rain. it is a hard line to draw who is getting rain and snow but over all you can see the transition from the south. temperatures close to the freezing mark at bwi marshall, it has warmed by one degree, good news. temperatures mid 30's 4 baltimore this afternoon which could change to rain. but north and west of the city i would be careful. if you are a north and west of the city, if you do not have to be on the roads, i would say stay home. >> the other big story. police and anne arundel county investigate a deadly christmas morning shooting inside a store. kim dacey tells us it was part of a break-in and this time the store owner took matters in his own hands. >> police say it all unfolded when an intruder broke into a business and was confronted by the store's owner. christmas morning anne ar
barns was 16 years old when she disappeared from a sister's apartment in northeast baltimore two years ago. a nationwide search then ended when felicia's body was pulled out of the river. her sister's body friend is charged with the murder. he strangled barns in her apartment and transported her out of the apartment. a witness will dispute that at trial. this witness apparently claims that he saw barns alive in cecil county several days after she went missing. >> thank you. johnson is scheduled to go to trial next month. >>> a health care on a local college campus, for the second time this year umbc is warning students about the infectious disease tuberculosis. here is the school's warning. >> reporter: there is a confirmed case on campus but university leaders haven't said when it's a student or a staff member. campus on alert after a confirmed case of tuberculosis is reported at the university of maryland, baltimore county. >> it is scary. >> something that should worry us as student body, something contagious and it needs to be contained. >> reporter: the university sent a letter to
,000 will be handled. a man remains in a coma after being beaten at a home in west baltimore. authorities found steven pearson beaten unconscious on mcculloh street. he had gone to give an estimate on some contract work when he went missing. >> all i know is that they rob him. it is wrong what they did. i hear about this stuff on the news but i never thought it would come to my family, during the holiday season. >> pearson remains in serious but stable condition and the search for a suspect continues. anyone with information is asked to call a city police. baltimore police have made an arrest in the death of a 20-year old man. it is the girlfriend who reported the shooting that is behind bars. she told police she found her boyfriend be the -- bleeding from a gunshot wound in northwest baltimore. after investigating the incident, police have determined it was actually cutler who was the shooter. along with her, police have arrested two others as accessories. it is turning out to be a nice afternoon. >> temperatures hitting the 40 degree mark across the metro area. right now we have a few more clouds ac
depot in southeast baltimore it's time to stock up for winter weather staples. >> people anticipating what's going to happen. we're getting a lot more of the customers coming in and picking up some shovels today. >> maryland state highway administration crews are trying to stay one step ahead of mother nature. they are also gearing up for another visit by mother nature. crews spent the day pretreating roads in the event of a wintry mix. in addition, state highway officials say they have up to 2400 trucks salted road ways state wide but do ask motorists to keep a few things in mind. >> if you are planning on traveling on saturday wait until after the storm begins. give our crews chance to get out on the road, salt and plow and make sure they're safe. >> baltimore city officials say they're also on stand by. >> we will be activating outdoor center at 2 a.m. saturday morning with about 35 to 40 pieces of equipment out. we are prepared, our staff is prepared and our equipment is ready to go. >> wbal tv 11 news. >> you can keep track of the storm as it advances on our i phone and android a
not released the name of that prisoner or the baltimore county police officer. we're live in baltimore county. christian shaffer. >>> he could have called a cab but instead he hailed an ambulance. the good thing is he didn't know how to turn on the siren and lights. he headed down 50 toward the bay bridge. several calls came into police about an ambulance driving crazy. and about an hour later, troopers were able to track it down. >> and in that area, is where troopers first spotted the ambulance heading westbound on rout 50 heading toward the outlets in queen anne county. >> the driver was finally caught when the ambulance headed into the busy parking lot on rout 404. hit a parked car, ran up on the road. >>> new tonight a child threatened on a bus with a b.b. gun. baltimore city police say the boys were headed to their elementary school. one of the students pulled out the b.b. gun and threatened another student. the situation was reported to city leaders and city schools police. officials say the district will take the appropriate disciplinary action. >>> a major announcement from baltimore
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